Royal College of Art, Kensington
Date -
13.07.23 - 16.07.23

Studio Koseda was appointed to design the RCA2023 visual identity for the Royal College of Art, the world's most influential postgraduate institution of art and design.

Students at the Royal College of Art presented RCA2023, which took place as a series of exhibitions and events across the College’s Battersea and Kensington campuses, at the Truman Brewery in East London, and online as a digital discovery platform.

The RCA2023 Identity

The identity for RCA2023 was formed of a deconstructed royal crest, rendered in materials that represent the spectrum of courses at the Royal College of Art.

The crest spans over motion graphics, printed matter and exterior vinyl on the Battersea and South Kensington campuses, it also featured across the Truman Brewery which the RCA MA2 courses occupied.

Student Participation

2023 was an interesting year to be a royal institution. We saw an influx of royal paraphernalia such as flags, bunting and badges across the country.

What are we celebrating at the RCA? This was one of the driving questions which informed all creative output.

Year after year, the big questions asked by students at the RCA, position them as thought leaders in their relevant industries, we wanted to champion these big question on large scale flags which featured across campuses.

We put out an open call to students, asking them to submit critical and speculative questions which informed their work and research.

‘Can we design an immune system for our cities?’
- Sebastian Tam - Innovation Design Engineering

‘How can we recycle time?’
- Ava Tribušon Ovsenik - Print

‘How do raise awareness of the impact of plant extinction?'
-  Zhiyi Lu - Information Experience Design

Colour Palette

Chromakey green and blue make up the main colour palette of the identity, these colours are symbolic in post-production as a technical medium, a digital blank slate and an opportunity to fill a visual space with any chosen of content and context.

The colours inform both the main event lockups and a comprehensive wayfinding system throughout the sites.

Sound Design

Students from all courses were invited to inform the soundscape of the identity by submitting ambient recordings from the RCA studios such as the sound of making physical work, recorded conversations, seminars, symposiums, studio noise and building ambience.

The submissions were then edited and composed by sound designer Sleepsang and integrated into motion based placements.

Special thanks to Sarah MacDonald and the fantastic marketing team at the Royal College of Art.

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Team -
Creative Director: Sebastian Koseda
3d Support: William Fairbrother
Sound Design: James Rogers
Design Support: Anthony Odu, Anastasia Galicheva