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Today Art Museum, Beijing
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14.10.19 -

"The alphabet is staggering under the tremendous variety of functions we ask it to serve" - Donald Barthelme

Stress Test is an ongoing and generative experiment with typographic forms. It’s putting curves under extreme pressure, It’s stress testing, It’s using the wrong tools and engaging in mechanical mischief. We create open-ended processes and record type behaving unexpectedly at the point of collapse.

Originally created for the Typographic Singularities Exhibition at the Royal College Of Art, Stress Test traveled to Beijing as part of the Here </> There Exhibition Curated by Adrian Shaughnessy and Regular Practice.

Project in collaboration with Sam Travis.


Typographic Singularity
RCA London
30.04.19 - 03.05.19

Here </> There
Today Art Museum, Beijing
14.10.19 - 04.11.19

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