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Welcome to the Zoo of Extinct Animals.

The Zoo of Extinct Animals is an augmented reality experience, in which you can observe and interact with extinct wildlife at life sized scale.

The Zoo is an opportunity to witness a glimpse of what we've lost whilst highlighting the effect that harmful human activity has on wildlife across the globe.

This year I developed the Zoo on a residency with Snapchat using Lens Studio software, published as an AR Snapchat lens and Snap Spectacles lens.

Please open the link below on a device with Snapchat installed to experience the Zoo in full effect -

Open Lens

The experience highlights the rate of extinction and aims to promotes change by showcasing the urgency of the problem directly. We aim to inform the viewers, raise awareness and encourage action to preserve what we have left.

The experience focuses on 5 different animals which have become extinct due to human activity within the last 20 years (within our lifetime), causes spanning from habitat loss, poaching and pollution to global warming.

The first in the series features the Baiji river dolphin, the first dolphin to be declared extinct in modern times (2006) due to fishing and pollution.

There is no way of getting back the species that are already gone, but what if we could briefly bring these animals back and see what we have lost?

By mixing reality we have the opportunity to bring urgent matters into the spotlight and make the invisible, visible.

99% of currently threatened species are at risk from human activities.

It is a tragedy in itself that this is the only way we can see these animals, but this project aims to act as a call to action to raise awareness of the critical situation and promote change.


© Studio Koseda 2020

Creative Direction/Concept- Sebastian Koseda

Rigging - Gabriel Lim

3D Developer - Hannah Rose Stewart