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Typography Biennale, Seoul, Korea
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30.03.16 -


Typojanchi is a typography biennale taking place in Seoul, with participating studios and designers from all over the world.

Studio Koseda was invited as one of six studios by designer and curator Adrian Shaughnessy, to create a banner for the special exhibition, his contribution to the biennale.

Other Participants to the special exhibition include - Andrew Brash, Jonas Berthod, Jörg Schwertfeger, Kyuha Shim, Laura Jouan and Summer Studio


I was asked to produce a typographic installation piece for an exhibition at the Typojanchi Biennale in Seoul. I was supplied a set of Google map coordinates in which to respond to as a briefing. In turn, this lead the user outside The Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist in Chicago.


Heal The Sick. Raise The Dead. Cleanse The Lepers. Cast Out Demons.

It is believed by some scientists that there is a spiritual part of the brain that activates only when people pray or meditate. Inspired by the Christian Science Church, this piece explores the theme of when science meets religion and the nuances surrounding this supposed oxymoron. The objective was to locate a visual that somehow conveys the collision of practices and then implement it typographically. The floating matter featured in the poster is a vector trace highlighting the parts of the brain that become active only when someone prays.

The information was taken from a scan of brain activity whilst a subject is praying. The artwork produced is based on E Upper Wacker Dr Chicago, Illinois which features Harry Weese’s enigmatic building; The Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist.

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